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Mercury is a chemical element with the symbol Hg and atomic number It is commonly known as quicksilver and was formerly named hydrargyrum A heavy.
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Vision Being the largest supplier of belts, blankets and polyurethane parts for the packaging industry and paper manufacturing in South America. Mission Produce and supply belts and accessories with the highest quality so that they can meet all the requirements that our customers require, and always looking for improvements and solutions to their concerns. A child's developing nervous system is particularly sensitive to methyl mercury.

Depending on the level of exposure, the effects can include a decrease in I. In adults, extreme exposure can lead to health effects such as personality changes, tremors, changes in vision, deafness, loss of muscle coordination and sensation, memory loss, intellectual impairment, and even death. In general, Canadians are not at risk from mercury poisoning. However, people exposed to elevated levels of mercury may experience health problems ranging from rashes to birth defects, even death in cases of extreme poisoning. People who consume large amounts of fish, marine mammals and wild game as part of their daily diet increase their risk.

The developing fetus and children of women who have consumed large amounts of fish and marine mammals during pregnancy are the most susceptible to health problems. However, exposure to methyl mercury from fish consumption is generally so low that it is difficult to measure any potential adverse health effects, even when using very sensitive methods to analyse changes in cognitive skills.

Any such health effects may be offset by the nutritional benefits of fish consumption. Children, who tend to put things in their mouths, may increase their intake of mercury through soil and contaminated objects. However, this traditional diet has many nutritional and socio-cultural benefits, which must be weighed against the potential risks. If you are concerned about mercury exposure, samples of hair, blood and urine can be taken in a doctor's office or health clinic and tested. Elemental mercury from dental fillings does not generally pose a health risk. There is, however, a fairly small number of people who are hypersensitive to mercury.

While Health Canada does not recommend that you replace existing mercury dental fillings, it does suggest that when the fillings need to be repaired, you may want to consider using a product that does not contain mercury. Pregnant women, people allergic to mercury and those with impaired kidney function should avoid mercury fillings. Whenever possible, amalgam fillings should not be removed when you are pregnant because the removal may expose you to mercury vapour.

When appropriate, the primary teeth of children should be filled with non-mercury materials. Follow Health Canada's fish consumption advice in order to enjoy the health benefits of eating fish while controlling exposure to mercury. Predatory fish such as shark, swordfish, fresh and frozen tuna, escolar, marlin and orange roughy have higher levels of mercury and should be consumed only occasionally.

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Certain groups young children, women who are or may become pregnant should also limit their consumption of canned albacore white tuna. There are no recommended restrictions for other types of retail fish and Canada's Food Guide provides examples of healthy fish choices. See the Need More Info? Also, consult your provincial or territorial government for any sport fish advice if you consume fish caught from local waters.

The Government of Canada is working in a number of areas to reduce the use and release of mercury into the environment. In , the Canadian Council of Ministers of the Environment developed several Canada-wide standards to reduce mercury release to the environment. Standards have been, or are being, developed for certain mercury-containing products and for mercury emissions from selected industries. In addition, Health Canada specifies and enforces limits for mercury in homeopathic medicines, traditional medicines, and all other finished natural health products.

Health Canada also establishes science-based standards for mercury in retail fish and issues retail fish consumption advisories.

Learn more about the innermost planet in our solar system.

Although Canada will continue to reduce mercury releases, efforts must also be made elsewhere. Much of the mercury deposited on our lakes and soil comes from other countries. Canada is taking an active role in regional and international efforts to reduce mercury in the environment globally. Eating Well with Canada's Food Guide.

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Healthy Pregnancy. The Safety of Dental Amalgam. Mercury, Your Health and the Environment. Mercury and the Environment - Fish Consumption Advisories.

Cleaning Up Small Mercury Spills. United Nations Environment Program. You will not receive a reply.


Skip to main content Skip to "About government". It's Your Health. PDF Version - K. Mercury exists in three different forms:. Elemental mercury - this silvery, shiny, volatile liquid gives off a colourless, odourless vapour at room temperature Inorganic mercury - compounds formed when elemental mercury combines with other elements such as sulphur, chlorine or oxygen to create compounds known as mercury salts.

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Organic mercury - compounds, such as methyl mercury, that are formed when elemental mercury combines with carbon. Sources of Mercury. Health Effects of Mercury Exposure. Inorganic Mercury Compounds.


Organic Mercury Compounds Methyl mercury. The Risks of Mercury Poisoning. Minimizing Your Risk. The Government of Canada's Role.